5 Mobile Marketing Trends That Will Adapt In 2016

5 Mobile Marketing Trends That Will Adapt In 2016:

Mobile marketing strategies now spread across all industries. Due to rapid changes in mobile technology & marketing approaches, marketers adopts new marketing trends to come their way and integrate their promotional strategies

Which technology is going to gain more prominence? What are topmost trends that we can expect in the coming year? What new hardware will make headlines?

5 Mobile Marketing Trends That Will Adapt In 2016

mobile marketing Trends 2016

Based on the results of a recent marketing trends poll, here a list of five top marketing trends is given below that are related to mobile marketing.

  1. Marketing Automation:

According to a report 56 % company uses email marketing but those uses email marketing about 75% or more to purchase marketing automation software over the next year. This means marketing automation is slated to grow exponentially in the coming year.

There are also many significant changes, which include:

  • Marketing automation software evolves that it is easy to use and reduces time, efforts and resources for digital marketers
  • Marketing Automation software will become more mobile friendly than ever and this will allow marketers to carry out their marketing campaigns through mobile devices.
  • It will be easier for marketers to determine their valuable customers, their spending & purchasing habits as well as their browsing habits.
  1. Content marketing: 360 degree video

Content marketing is another trend which is useful to grow mobile marketing. Content marketing in 2016 or beyond is that it is going to be more interactive and engaging for the target audience and best example of it is 360 degree video. 360° Video has a lot of potential, which is being explored by tech-giants Google and facebook.

360 degree video features:

360-Degree video ads will produce a more engaging & immersive environment, which help marketer make more impact on target users

Through 360 degree video target audience don’t miss a single thing and they can watch video in any angle.

These videos are deep-rooted in Virtual Reality & they will retain viewer’s attention more than any other form of content.

  1. Big Data:

Big Data Analysis will help marketers to understand their buyers. Big Data is getting more popular in upcoming days as several numbers of mobile users routinely use their devices to interact with brands or businesses. Real time benefits will be provided to the customer through big data analysis.

  1. Mobile Marketing – Mobile Payments & Location Based Marketing will Take Precedence:

In the coming year the Location based mobile marketing strategies will be widely used by the marketers. It will help marketers create an interactive experience for their customers by offering real-time, customized alerts about discounts and deals, which help them, become loyal customers. These trends will helpful marketers as create loyal customers the first and foremost & give them more personalized services in the future. Even mobile payments will also become mainstream and integrated with mobile marketing.

Mobile payment:

Mobile payment feature will allow customers to directly buy anything of their choice by tapping ‘buy it’ button and get the option to make payments using Apple Pay. Mobile payment is virtual, card less, costless payment system hint at a future customers will only have to walk in a store and get all the stuff they need without waiting in a queue. When customer like a product of choice of their then they only require to scan the barcode with their device, add it to their card and walk to the mobile payment counter and pay with their mobile. It is well defined strategies and more secure.

  1. Wearable and internet of things:

IOT aims for ‘zero human intervention’. A lot has been said IOT or internet of things. As smart objects like smart cars, smart watches and smart houses enter the mainstream, IOT will get more prominence than ever.

One best example of IOT is – Apple watches a wearable. The wearable can be used to unlock hotel rooms without keys and can also be used to directed HVAC systems in home in the future. This new trend of technology allows marketers to promote their products & services to their target users or audience on a more personal basis by relaying information on their devices in real-time.

7 Steps To Set Up Your Better Business Plan In 2016

Better Business Plan In 2016: Every professional Servant wants a “Better Business”. The beginning of a new year is a great time to set goals, solve to run a better profession, and now is the time to figure out how. So every Business Owner will have to set the new goals, improve operation, buy new equipment.

7 Steps To Set Up Your Better Business Plan In 2016

Are You Ready for 2016

Business Plan 2016

The Better Business plan is very necessary to achieve the new goals .

Here we are providing the some better business goals .

List of Some Better Business Goals:

  • Duplex lead generation.
  • Increase finances by 15%
  • Redesign the company website.
  • Pay Down Loan.
  • Re-Position the profession
  • Make the company brand
  • Add new products or services
  • To buy new equipment.
  • Framework an automated or cloud system to manage operations, accounting, fabrication, or marketing
  • Resettlement to a new location.
  • Get bigger, better projects or accounts

Use 7 Steps to Set Up Your New Year’s Better Business Determination :

  1. Set a goal:- make it unique and achievable; it should be a stretch but not unattainable.
  2. Research:

What is required to achieve the goal. You need to educate yourself about what might be required, and  “group think” or consult with the experts.

  1. Forecast

Part of your disquisition should include pessimistic prediction,  what the outcome of a particular goal might be. This could include both positive outcomes (like increased profit or company recognition) but may have some downside like necessitating more staff, new hardware, software or equipment purchases, increased inventory, more space, taking on debt.

  1. Plan:

How you will achieve your goal — what steps will you take, establish a strategy and determine milestones, assess what resources and support will be required.

  1. Be Accountable:-

Telling others what you hope to obtain adds a mandatory to your work. Your confidante can be as private as someone in your family or your colleagues or as public as announcing the goal on your company blog.

  1. Track Your progress:

Once if you have achieved your goal, done your research and established milestones, you need to be  industrious about monitoring that progress. Setting “Accountability” meetings weekly or monthly will help Ensure the work gets done…and the goal is  attained.

  1. Most importantly:-

Attaining some goals may be more difficult than reaching others. You may search you need enhanced resources or additional time. Maybe you’ll need to “pivot” or adjust your expectations.

Online Digital Marketing Trends That Will Matter In 2016

Online Digital Marketing Trends That Will Matter In 2016

The online digital marketing industry is complicated and mutable in nature but it is an exciting one for anybody who lives up on modern trends. Every year new software, new hardware, new user and new companies preferences rescue a host of sweeping changes that things either adopted or ignored by business world.

Digital Marketing Trends 2016

Internet Marketing Trends In 2016

2016 will be great year for online marketing below given 7 trends will help in 2016 who work on online marketing.

Video ads will dominate in 2016

As we know video ads are not nothing new at various channels like you tube (which is host billions of videos) and others channels like facebook and Bing already providing advertisers video facilities. Year 2016 will be different because Google is finally joining SERP video advertising. These things signs that users are more accepting online video ads that trends will continue, we have to see more types of video ads popping up in more unexpected places. Google ownership with Youtube, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

App Indexing will lead in year 2016

Google has offered app indexing for a while, More business owners will realize in year 2016 online visibility advantages of app. A mobile optimized site works amazement of appealing of mobile crowd, but soon apps will begin replace them in year 2016. Apps can do anything that websites can do expect of more suitable working, accessibility and intuitive ways. We are many years away from apps to completely replacing websites, but year 2016 will be pivotal year for app adoption by business owners perspectives.

Mobile will completely dominate desktop

2015 year was big year for Mobile, because in 2015 many users used mobile expect of desktop.  In this year not only Google announced that mobile traffic finally overtake desktop traffic in 10 different countries but also Google released Mobilegeddon” algorithm for updating of phase out of sites not for optimized mobile. But according to Google but there is no need of optimized desktop in addition to a mobile version.

Digital assistants will lead with new optimization techniques

SEO and Pay per click strategies are two popular strategies to getting your sites seen by visitors. But increasing in digital assistants is going to lead new technique of optimization. But when necessary Digital assistant Siri and Cortana use of traditional search engine. The main solution to optimizing in new format is to make your business information easily accessible to these digital assistants.

Virtual reality will emerge

In next few years dozens of various virtual reality devices will be release. Some of these techniques will be for specific application like video games and others will be available for General use. Oculus Rift is set to be release in 2016 which is very hyped VR device. Oculus Rift and other VR devices will bring an completely new medium of online advertising, with unification to popular social media platforms, video channels and in direct messaging.

Advertising will be more expensive in year 2016

As we know that competition in online marketing has increased in past few years. In years 2016 it will be more increased in Advertising. As online ads are very cheap but increase in price some smaller companies may drive out of landscape.